Built right for added strength. UniFrame windows are entirely fusion welded - both sashes and mainframes use this advanced manufacturing method. Unlike windows that use staples, screws or caulk to hold their window frame corners together, UniFrame welds vinyl sections together to create a solid one-piece unit that won't come loose or weaken over the years.

New Generation™ Vinyl for maintenance freedom. Every UniFrame window is constructed with rugged maintenance-free uiPVC(polyvinyl chloride). UniFrame New Generation Vinyl windows will never stick like wood or metal windows because they don't sweat or deteriorate from corrosion, pitting or rot. Wash them with soap and water they'll look great year-after-year. We also utilize the highest quality locking and operating hardware available. Our windows feature E-Gard ™ hardware, which is chemical, corrosion and ultra-violet resistant.

Advanced Easy-CleanTM Glass with PPG Technology is a remarkable advancement in glass design that eliminates frequent exterior window cleaning. With Easy-Clean Glass you'll clean glass half as often, and in half the time.


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